The High-Performance Framework.

Advandz is an enterprise-class powerful and scalable HMVC framework for people who love building well-written web applications using PHP.

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1 <?php
2 namespace Advandz\App\Model;
3 class Cart extends AppModel {
4     /**
5      * Purchase a new suscription.
6      */
7     public function purchaseSuscription(array $data) {
8         foreach ($data as $entry) {
9             // Have a fresh start...
10         }
11     }
12 }

Well-Written Code

If you value elegance, simplicity, beautiful code and readability? You’ll fit right in. Advandz is designed for people just like you.

We did well-written, open, and commented code. Anyone can audit the source.

Enterprise Ready

A proven history of success running business critical and high-usage applications. Ready for PHP 7.

Friendly License

Advandz is licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in commercial applications.


Built with security best practices. Store passwords using bcrypt, encrypt with OpenSSL, and more.

Clear documentation

The Advandz User Guide comes with the download. It contains an introduction, tutorial, a number of "how to" guides, and then reference documentation for the components that make up the framework.

Read the Documentation

High-Performance Server Stack

Advandz Web Server, is a high performance web server stack featuring a powerful and open-source control panel.

Designed to be used in enterprise-class environments, large sites and demanding applications and be a Drop-in replacement of the classic LAMP stack, featuring a high scalable stack.

Coming Soon...

root@server [~]# ./etc/advandz/scripts/
SUCCESS : The VirtualHost has been created successfully : example
root@server [~]# ./etc/advandz/scripts/
SUCCESS : The SSL certificate has been installed successfully : example

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What if I find a bug?

Never mind, we can always patch in an update. If you are a developer, you can contribute patching the framework with a pull request.

I need a specific stack?

We recommend use Advandz Web Server, but works nicely with almost all shared or dedicated hosting platforms with PHP 5.6 or better.

I need use a template language?

Advandz comes with Knife, a powerful and fast template engine, but we not force you to use it, You can still using pure PHP.